Buyer's protection

What is it?

Buying on LOOP is a safe experience for everyone. That’s why we provide Buyer Protection when you pay through LOOP website. Buyer Protection applies automatically to any order made on our website.

Buyer protection gives you access to:




Refund policy

We will refund your order if something went wrong (order is not delivered, the product is not as described…)

Return policy

You have 2 days to report a problem and submit a refund request. If you do not report within 2 days after receiving the item, the purchase will be considered accepted.

Customer support

We’re here to help with any questions about your order. It’s our job to make sure that your LOOP shopping experience is fun and safe, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Buyer’s protection helps ensure safe payments, gives you the right to a refund if meeting the conditions , and access customer support. For these services, LOOP charges a Buyer Protection Fee which is mandatory and will be applied to your purchase. The Buyer Protection Fee consists of a fixed amount of 0,70€ per purchase +  10% of subtotal of the item price per seller. You can learn more about it on the refund policy page’s.

You can shop with peace of mind. Your money won’t be transferred to the seller until you confirm that the item has arrived safely and you click on the Confirm order button.

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