How to sell step by step

With loop you can sell clothes & accessories that you don’t wear!
You can find a new owner to love the things you don’t want anymore!








Selection of your wardrobe item

We all have clothes in our closet we never wear ! For example
this dress you didn’t wear for more than a year, or this t-shirt that’s is too big for you.
If you don’t want it, loop it !

Don’t forget to check what 
you can list on our website

Create a free account and personalise it

Add your profile picture and verify your account.
Write something about yourself in the About you section.
Fill in all the requested info so your profil can be the more
complete possible, so the buyers have all the infos they need.

Take photos of your clothes

Add nice photos of the item, with a clear background (white wall for example). You should add at least 5 pictures, with if possible some where you or someone you know wears the items (no internet photos). If it is an item from a luxury brand you should add proof of its authencity. Be sure to take quality photos of your clothes to sell it faster.
You can follow our.

Create a Loop post

Click on «sell an item» tab (or directly from you profil) and
follow the steps ! Don’t forget to fill in all the infos to make
sure potential buyer have all they need to fall in love with your items!
Be specific in the item’s description and select the correct package size.
Remember that listing has no fees, and uploading more items can help you sell faster.
(Be sure to write the correct weight of your product otherwise we will have to charge you for the difference, due to different shipping costs)
Once you made a post, you can boost your items or closet visibility through our «boost item» and «closet sportlight» options.
You can access thoseoffers at the bottom of the main website page.
Find out more HERE.

Send your item

You sold your article, it’s time to send it ! Nothing easier, you will recieve an email of confirmation  with a link to your order page. You can also access it directly from your Seller Dashboard! just click on the “Print Voucher” icon  and download your shipping label.
Pack your item nicely, like you would send it to a friend, apply the shipping label on it and send it.

Ship the item within 5 working days of the sale.
Once sent, you can track your package LOOP (in the order Tracking page).

Wait for buyers while sharing your closet on social media

Get noticed as much as you can to sell faster.
Share your dressing-room on your social networks!
The more followers and products you have the more sales you will have.
You can also offer bundle sale (it’s possible to set discounts for item bundles).
If a buyer contacts you trough the private chat you can discuss with them details, price (make an offer button)…

Your money is coming

The sale was a success and your package has been delivered!
As soon as the buyer confirms good reception of the article in the orders page and that everything is as described on your post, your payment will be transfered to you on your LOOP wallet.
Note that all the money of your sales will be put in your LOOP wallet and you can transfer it to your bank account anytime & with no fees.
The transferred money can take up to 5 business days to appear in your bank account.
Leave feedback for your buyers and help to build trust within the community.

Selling tips

The photo is everything ! Take photos in natural light against a
clear light background. See our section «our selling advice» for more info.
Be available and answer quickly to any of your potential buyer’s questions.
Send it as you would like to receive it ! Send your sales quickly and in cute packages, like you would sen dit to a friend.
Get notice ! Share your dressing room on your social networks to gain followers and likes on your wardrobe
Sell only what you would give to a friend!
Worry about publishing only garment in good condition and at affordable prices.

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